Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday Night ponderings

For those unfamiliar with the 'series', then the photos here are from the T V show of "Red Dwarf", for which I am a big fan of theirs! These are actual model kits of the more 'famous' Ships in that, while I'm sure that there's got to be some "figurines" for the folks from that somewhere. Anyone who has the 'skinny' on these, then please inform the rest of us, will ya? Now, I've also got some "Robo-Mech" type minis of a plastic nature, for which I have no idea of their 'origin', and I'm wondering if anyone else can assist me on finding out more about them. I don't have a photo of these so I'll just have to describe these as best that I can. They are of the hard plastic kinds, stand about '2'-inches tall, and are of '2' types in '2' different colors of plastic-Tan or Beige & Green. They are very articulated in that their limbs can be positioned including turning their heads. These are also quite 'squat' appearing and heavily 'armed' as well, with backpacks of weaponry, and the 'guns' even can be moved about. There's even some 'gun turrets' on the sides of their heads!, while they hold a 'grease gun' looking weapon as well. It even looks as if you could mount something upon their forearms in the way of weapons, of which those have 'places' above and below these for something. They may have been part of a set for 'Minis' gaming purposes, or just something that was done as a 'promo' item of some sort. Any assistance upon this matter is greatly appreciated then, so an advance 'Thank You' from me to whomever can provide the 'answer' to this query.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday Night's alright for Gaming!

Well, when you can that is, while I am NOT at this time. In case you're wondering, then YES! I will be playing this game with a fellow GEEK(by the name of 'Squeegamer') and I propose to include the 'results' on here for others to follow. We expect to conduct our 'Turns' while in a CHAT site so that we can perhaps complete a few of them over the span of a few weeks for this. I've managed to send this off to him today and he will need to place his INVADERs Troops, as I will be the USA-Player for our game. This isn't the first time that I have 'run' a game like this, but if anyone else does, then I'd strongly advise that YOU only have '2' players to speed things up for that. This will be his first 'game' of this, so I'm hoping that he will find it as exciting as many of 'us' have over the years.

Monday, August 29, 2005

MNF...this time!

Yes!, I did get to watch this as it wasn't ''blacked out'' around these parts, but I bet them 'Detroit Lions' fans had wished that it was there! Now, if you take a very close 'look-see' here, then you'll notice that there's RUSSIAN writing upon this! I've got an article that explains how to go about and 'creating' another proposed German Aircraft carrier, while it wouldn't have been as BIG as this one was 'supposed' to become. The name of that 'one' was going to 'be' known as the ''Max Immelmann'' and it was going to be based upon a 'Pocket Battleship' hull, of which that'd 'mean' that the poor ''Graf Spee'' wouldn't have become built. So keep that in mind if you happen to 'make' your own version of this.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Caught UP finally!

Man, it can sure 'pile up' on a person when you exercise some 'procrastination'! Let me get this on the 'books' here then with
some additional photos along the lines of the 'ones' at the ''Gone Gaming'' blog. These are created by John McEwan, a 'local' guy that I have obtained others that he's made for my own 'uses'. For the most part, then I admire anyone with the skills to create these beautiful renditions for our 'requirements', while on his own behalf, then he's managed to cover many 'periods' NOT covered by anyone that I know of.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday August 27th, '05

This is a tad 'late' here, as I was catching up and prepping for some other 'obligations' in the meantime. Now, for some of us, then we'll easily 'recollect' upon this SET of 'bits', and many others, that we'd obtained through the pages of various 'Comic books', so they're good for THAT at least! I recall even trying to save up the FUNDS to get the 'Tank' or 'Sub' that they advertised in some of these, as that'd have been ''teh kewl'' if I had. My own 'Dad' wondered just HOW could they provide the necessary 'technology' in which to submerge AND surface this SUB 'craft'! So maybe the 'Tank' would have been a better way to go?

There were even some 'flats' figures available but I didn't care for them so much, although there are 'fans' of them, but WHY? I'd much prefer the ''full figures'' for a more realistic 'look' to these, and we hardly ever played these as they had intended, since we'd 'devise' much more 'fun' games instead. I can't even remember just what 'happened' to my own SETS of these, as I'm fairly certain that once I 'got into' actual WARgames, then I didn't keep these in 'mind' anymore. If only I had been involved with MINIS as well at the same time, then I might have kept 'close tabs' upon those and still have them around. The ONLY 'minis' that I obtained at the time were from ALNAVCO as I wanted to 'recreate' the ''Battle of the River Plate'' with the Graf Spee, Exeter, the Ajax, & the Achilles. At the time then they didn't HAVE the 'Exeter' so they substituted the 'Cumberland' in its stead. NOT exactly the 'same' if you know what I mean.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday at last!

Just a note about WHY do 'we' ALL desire certain GAMEs over others? For myself then I'd just be 'happy' with the 'promised ones' like in this ad. In case you are unable to 'read the fine print' then I'll detail these here. There was going to 'be' another '2'-'Battles Games' AND they were going to be called ''the Battle of Valcour Island'' & ''the Battle of Eutaw Springs''. Then there were going to 'be' a whole '4' more ''Campaign Games'' of which we never 'saw' them. These covered ''Yorktown'', ''Long Island'', ''Newport'' and ''Ticonderoga''. Anyone with knowledge of these, then please have them continue to completion or assist upon this, as I've always enjoyed their depictions of the events portrayed with them.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Taking off from last week's 'cue', then wouldn't a more 'minis' based portrayal of the Troops in a LARGE 'formation' be of a better 'image' to depict these 'Units'? Sure, the pictures are 'pretty' while I like 'masses' of dudes in the 'Ancients' department. So to quell my desires then maybe have some 1/144th scale 'guys' of which are almost twice the SIZE of the 1/285th and half of 1/72nd. There's already TANKS in these 'scales', so why not? They could be 'based' even to represent 'Squad Level' troops eh? ''if they make it, they will BUY!''

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hump DAY

Yes, it's that particular 'day' and I'm beat to the bandwidth from my exertions from all of my 'yardwork' that I endured today. So, I have ALL of these 'Space bits' and not much to do with them. Now, I don't have them ALL as I don't want some anyway. So, Joe Steadman is wanting a GAME more like 'Space Cadet Leader' or some such, which is fine since I can 'do' that AND in 'minis' fashion, toot suite! As a result of this, then I had suggested a 'Combo' of games where you'd have 'Space Travel' while resolving 'Battles' even upon the surface of planets and such. Just for the fun of it then you could use the TSR ''Buck Rogers'' but combine this with 'bits' from the likes of other games. Which ones? the 'ones' that you already HAVE!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Waning hours

In order to get up to 'speed' on things, then I'm just placing this entry as a mention about having some 'guests' to blog-on. I'll flesh this out later on. Here's a little 'item' to gaze and ponder upon.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday catchup and MNF to boot

Yep, I'm was going to take the time to watch the 'Game' as well as bring things up to date, but since it was 'blacked out' then we got pissed off instead. Nice way to treat the luke-warm fans, as they become tepid ones. Good thing I didn't get to 'see' the GAME since it didn't 'end' as I'd hoped. Nothing worse than 'missing' a great game, 'cause it's 'blacked out' or pre-empted as had happened before.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


What better 'way' to start off your ''sunny Sunday morning'' than with a ''Pearl Harbor RAID!'' Of course, when's there's more than 'one' of 'em, then they can become quite 'tedious' as we were to find out. I was JAPAN in this game, so you can 'see' just WHOM was the 'architect' for these. In all, we had '3' GRAND ''Battles of Pearl Harbor'' in the 'Hawaiian' waters. Upon conclusion of the '2nd'-''Pearl Harbor'' Battle, then there was not a single USA naval vessel upon the entire BOARD! They made up for this in the '3rd' ''Pearl Harbor'' Battle as I even 'lost' an entire FLEET in this! I had combined them to attack the USA Navy and we 'honorably' ''run away'' for our efforts. At least those '2'-Fleets managed to COST the USA some '15'-IPCs LOSS for a couple of turns before 'one' of them ended up 'visiting' ole ''Davy Jones Locker''! Following shortly AFTER the '3rd'-''Pearl Harbor'' Battle, then there even was a ''Battle for Midway'' while down south there was massive ''Coral Seas'' Battles going on as the 'Aussie' Aircraft Carrier flitted about. There was even an 'Indian' Navy' that was keeping Japan from ''dropping in'' for a 'visit' around their waters, while the lack of Troops also didn't help out Japan any. China managed to 'get' 'Shantung' province for an EXTRA Infantry on a couple of Turns, while the Troops kept being ''poured into'' the Areas from everyone! It was mostly Defensive 'play' going on upon the 'Asian Continent' as the ''Sea Battles'' were taking place and raging all around the 'gameboard'. Only through ''hanging on'' WHILE accumulating 'Victory Points' was I able to accomplish the WIN in 'this'! As it was, I'd even gotten '24'-points at THIS in '7'-Turns, yeah! The 'hurt' on the Allies was when I was 'taking' away their 'ducks' while gaining upon my own, and ain't that the way it 'goes'? So, onto the NEXT game.

Then we decided to get a game of this going and we ended up 'playing' twice, since I WON in '2' different manners. The first GAME was the standard ''take out the Russkies'' approach, while fending off the Western Allies. But we were NO 'slouches' as the 'Kreigsmarine' comprised the following: '2'-Aircraft Carriers, '1'-Battleship, '3'-Destroyers, '4'-Transports, & '3'-Subs. This 'Navy' even included the Italian Regia Marina starting units of the '1'-Battleship, & '1'-Destroyer! Shows that I DID ''have a Naval Plan'' if nothing else. Now it ends up that I take Moscow anyway but the FLEET helped some for 'bombards'.
Then during the 2nd game I was getting WIPED on the Eastern Front, and they's 'Advancin'! upon us while the Western Allies 'jumped' into FRANCE-land, so's I 'jump' into ENGLAND afterwards. I had '8' Troops of '4'-each Infy & Arty, a Bmbr, '3'-Ftrs, a BB & '2'-DD bombards. They were defending with a Bmbr, a Tank, a Ftr, '2'-Arty, & '3'-Infy. We took it with '4'-Arty left. The USA 'counter'-INVADE and take it away from 'us', so we's takes it AWAY from 'them' and garner the WIN, since they can't get it again. aaaah...I love it when ''Sea Lion deux'' succeeds where the first failed! Great game when it has good interaction back and forth, while the Russkies were out of reach, darn. The ONLY 'redeeming' land 'Campaign' was with MY ''Afrika Korps'' & ''Supremo Commando'', as they managed to whomp'n the ''Brit Desert Forces'' AND git on UP kick'n up'n into the Russkie's 'Caucasus'! on their ''backdoor'' approach to Moscow! Avanti! We had the 'Allies' toss'n US '6'-bucks outta their OWN pockets, YES!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Games of the Weekend Day #1

Since I'm writing this 'up' after the fact, then here's what was 'gamed' on Saturday: I was hoping to get into a 'mood' for the TSR versions of ''Red Storm Rising'' followed by ''A Line in the Sand'', but we only played the first one. Considering that my opponent had only 'played' the game ONE time before and as ''der NATO'', he was given the ''Soviet'' forces this time. He did terribly horrible for his 'dice rolls', while he did get a 'break' in the southern line, but he couldn't ''pour through'' like he should have. Up North, then he 'broke' open some spots, but by the end of the NATO turn, then any 'Soviet Units' were thrown BACK and the 'holes' closed up ''guten-tight''!
''Bon Vivant! mon amis Dani y Belgique!'' They done BESTesses for theirselves on this crucial opening round and flung'd their opponents ''to the rear with the gear'' AND hauling damages! I had BOTH of the U.S.A. ''1st A.D.'' AND the ''3rd A.D.'' units wiped out in 'Kill' shots on 'em! I ended up KIA of '17' for NATO and '7' for PACT forces AND kept the Soviets from 'getting' their '4' Cities needed to WIN! I didn't need to take my LAST turn for the NATO forces, while I could have at least 'attacked' to retrieve the others. We 'called' the game so we might get into the NEXT 'one'.

Our 2nd game was just plain ole 'A&A' of the 'M.B.' variety and it was my only 'loss' of the ones that we did play. I had the AXIS forces and Germany ended up ''hunkered & bunkered'' while JAPAN managed to get onto 'Manchuria' with a 'Complex', as did the USA in 'China' & the UK in 'South Africa' while NONE of 'us' could 'get' the other's 'Complex' areas yet we tried. I conceded as it was getting fairly 'early' into the morning and we wanted to rest up for a FULL 'daze' playings and we did.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Here's my entry for that SPAM 'contest'

I'm going to see if I can LINK this afterwards.

Got the ''Fridays'' again

Considering that I had expected to be 'gaming' at this time, then folks can figure on my general 'disposition'. Why I might EVEN have been 'willing' to try out this 'latest' of the 'Greatest'! Yes, I 'made' this UP myself and I gots the 'bits' to prove it, so MINE is 'one of a kind', while it IS ''collectible'' for myself right now. Oh yeah, the 'Leaders' of mine are ''Titanium''-cast so's there's NO 'losers' as they'd be 'costly' to say the least. Also, since the 'Aliens' possess 'a cute Power' then they can 'rearrange' the gamemap so's EVERY 'game' will be different. Wouldn't it 'be' X-tra kewl to have the ''Arctic'' where ''Hawaii'' was? ''pineapples & polar bears'' a-cuddlin on the beach, while mutant ''penguins astride warthogs'' CHARGE! whomever's within reach. Hey! maybe there ought to become an 'ode' to this? ''The CHARGE of the 'Flight-less' Brigade of Mutant Penguin 'Woags' this day!'' We'll see what others can come up with before I produce my own version of this, since I have to write it up anyway in the meanwhile. Sure, like I'd expect anyone to even TRY their hand, although them FRP-types could draw upon their 'readings' for inspiration. I'm thinking that I'll 'use' the ''Greyhawk'' background material for mine, so pick something else! I called ''first dibs''!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

From beyond the ''past''!

While I'm on the subject, check out these '2'-mm scale ''Ancients'' Troops! Won't these look GREAT upon that 'C&C-Ancients' gameboard? They're possibly available and many others, so find a 'site' with these or others of which you'd have a better gaming experience and PAINT them up 'good' or get someone who CAN! They could even be nice enough to provide 'scale' settings for entire 'Scenarios' IF they had the needed materials! So, create a 'bargain' in exchange for 'services rendered' to accomodate one another. I know that this is a 'leap in faith' with one another and rightly so, of which we ALL would expect due regards for everyone involved. That being 'said', then expect the 'unexpected', while NO 'one' expects the ''Sardinish Exposition!''

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Alright then, since I have your attentions on this, while I have to 'create' a feature here as a NEW item! How's about some of the latest games? naaah, since I didn't WIN any of them as of yet, so somebody 'mentioned' upon the "Dice Tower #12" show by Joe Steadman & Tom Vasel, about NO decent 'exploratory' types of games! Well, for one thing, then it'd have to 'be' a LONG game at that, since you have to develop places over a good length of 'time'! Some games managed this with their "Event Decks" and the like, while a few even had certain 'time limits' or TURNs for this. Most of the 'fun' kinds were of a 'generic' theme with a 'made up' type of gamemap for this. I guess that even venturing out into SPACE could be within bounds, while Joe Steadman 'mentioned' about this. So, to keep this within 'reasonable' aspects, then I am partial to what ''Yaquinto'' did with their ''Marine:2002'' game. This is the basis for mine, while the rest is just 'made' as I go along. Others can adopt the ''Starship Trooper'' version if they'd like, since just about ANY could be used for this. You do need the various gamemaps or make your own. I'd go for nicely detailed photomaps that you could draw upon and section this into areas and such. I've got some astounding 'Galaxy' ones that are UNreal so they'll fit right in, while YOU could be finding your own to your liking and customize this. Then others could check yours out at any Cons that you'd attend or similiar functions where you'd WANT to ''show off''! Take some 'pride' in your efforts so's others can SEE your 'handicraft' as I like to hear about what others have done 'specially' for some myself!

UPDATE another ''Yaquinto'' title would also work as well for THIS with the ''Starfall'' game!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

vive l'viv!

Since so much is going on then there ought to be a schedule to keep track upon certain subjects so I'm starting a 'system' of concentrating upon same DAY topics of before, until I finish them or move on. It is also a continuation of yesterday's main feature, the "B-day" one! Embellishing upon the current 'fare' then we have some decent pickings in which to conduct this. Now, I'm very much in favor of several 'settings' be used to conduct "Campaigns" where there might be a 'Strategic scale' gamemap AND some generic Terrain tiles for 'customized' "Battles maps" with the likes of the "Battle Cry" or "Napoleon in Europe" figure pieces. For now, we've got the "Battle Cry" boards and perhaps the upcoming "C&C:Ancients" as well but we'll have to wait and see. Even this latest version of "Conquest of the Empire" could be better 'played' as a 'minis'-style game, but WHAT is 'there' instead? They just have to be 'shown' as far as I'm concerned.

This brings up what I would like to 'see' for the FUN of it! The 'flag' is a "Cavalry Pennant" for a 'Mexican Cavalry' unit and of which there's a "Mexican-American War" VARIANT for the "Battle Cry" game. There's even the appropriate Troops for each side, as well as the "Alamo Defenders"-(including 'Sam Houston'!), that EACH of you has to get on their own since NO ONE makes complete 'Sets' for this. I'd like to see them provide those so I'll just have to keep on "dreamin' ON!"

Monday, August 15, 2005

a case of the ''Mondays''

Today being the 15th of August & l`emperor's "b-day", a doff of the hat in your 'honor' mon "Sirrah!"

UPDATE: Tuesday evening, as the RAIN diminishes then I look over some 'fun games' that could be 'fun'ed' even more, but they're kinds of MY 'liking' so you can figure out WHAT kinds these'll be. The most easiest is the ole "Army Mens" kinds while I have more 'stuff' for the tiny ones than the larger kinds. I'd been amassing "Desert War" types of the modern variety, so there's quite the selection for this. It's surprising what "Matchbox" & "CORGI" can produce, while I've seen some of the larger ones going for just $3 apiece instead of their COSTLIER prices! These 'bigger' kinds are even "pre-painted" and not as shabbily as others that I might mention-but won't! See? YOU 'thought' of those immediately ON your 'own'! Now do you understand? Anyway, there's also some decent 'generic' sorts and you can get them at around '2' for $1 while I also find and obtain multi-sets for $1. THE very best 'primo' one has this: a Jeep; a Helicopter like a Hughes 'pointy-snout' kind; a Tank which looks like a 'Chieftain'~(Iraqi) of sorts; a Trailer with actual 'firing' Missile launcher; a Trailer with what I call the ''Scud"~(Iraqi) Missile-but doesn't 'launch'-yet!; a 'big rig' Tractor trailer Truck to haul 'one' of these around with, while I'm getting others seperately for those without; a 'Roadsign'; and a '55-gallon drum barrel'. Pretty good for a whole $ dollar $ eh? They are in "European camo" paint so I have to paint them for the "Desert Wars". Also from like "Matchbox" then I got some 'LTVP's for the "Marines"! Now for even Micro Armor uses then "Matchbox" also makes 'aircraft' of WW-2 vintage and mostly Modern kinds. I'll put up a photo of them here after I scan this. I've mostly gotten the "DC-3", the modern "Transport" airplane, the Military & Transport "Helos", and some funky looking "Fighter" ones. There's a dozen of them in total, so later on then I will provide the photos of them ALL here.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yeah I should have RESTED

Just a quick entry with a *NOTE* that poor Joe & Tom & 'someone' else had their access to their OWN 'blogs' gimped and they don't know WHY! I fixed the LINK here then in the meantime, while I'll post something else later on as I can EDIT this at my leisure.

UPDATE: I made off 'easy' for fixing my vehicle and getting back home MONDAY evening, and I'm tired so this is 'it' for now.

LATEST:Tuesday and the weather 'turned' to RAIN so I wasn't going outside to work in the 'open air' on the damm vehicle.

On a gaming related note, then I was considering about an easy to produce version with my own 'takes' along the lines of "Grand Imperialism" and the 'bits' if you have them already.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Day 6

Yep, that's right! I've gotten my OWN 'spinoffs' of almost ALL or your favourites with many more to see, while yet some that you NEVER 'heard' of and lots that you wouldn't! It does require that you have '3-D-reaming' abilities since the 'back' isn't the ONLY 'spot' in 'this' version. Plus, it has 'recycling' in it for the 'Greeners', there's plenty of "BURNiNATION!", obviously!, with varied life forms as "World Leader" types(since this aspect can become 'tuned' for your tastes), if YOU want 'Prez of the World and Homecoming 'Queen'-Ken'-FINE by me! Oh yeah, there's deities for that "righteous indignation" effect, since what would a game of "LIFE" be, without 'Luck'? I sure hope that folks enjoy my 'jibes' as much as I 'do' making them!

Friday, August 12, 2005

A Time to reflect upon the ''Good ole Days''

Yes, how many of YOU can recall these 'Comic-book' ads for the likes of those? Now, the very large 'modern' appearing Aircraft Carrier wasn't a part of this 'set', in case you're wondering about them. I even remember that we'd get some of these 'mishapen' ones as well, but that only meant that they'd 'have' some very convincing ''Battle Damages!'' Either that, or sometimes then we'd even 'create' those effects on our own, with matches or candles and the like. Could anyone even begin to imagine just WHAT it would 'cost' to reproduce these today? I know of many folks that would like to have these for their very own gaming purposes, so if someone has the gumption and means for this, then you'd make lots of people happier with SETS of these. Since 'model making' has advanced so much from my own ''days of yore'', then I'd expect there to be quite the demand for *specialty* items such as what you've seen here. I heartily encourage others to join myself in producing whatever is 'requested' for whosever's purposes, or just ''to have & to hold'' in their hands once again.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Daze of deciding

Considering that many folks are 'blogging' these days, then you almost have to 'be' the MOST intriguing or outlandish 'one' to get noticed and draw IN the 'crowds'! I will just do whatever it is necessary to provide some of the better 'content' for anyone who finds MY 'contributions' as deserving for their OWN 'interests'! Now, as for this latest photo, then it is a reminder of our 'roots' and just what our forefathers had to overcome in order to present to the WORLD an entirely 'New & Improved' form of governing people. As a 'lead-in' to a gaming proposal, then maybe you folks that are really 'into' the ''Pirates of the Spanish Main'' would like to take the time & effort to create a ''Battle of Valcour Island'' scenario! Yes, led by the admirable 'Benedict Arnold'(at the time), then it is truly one of the epic encounters during the ''American Revolutionary War'' period of our history. Reading up on this would certainly enlighten yourself as to the repercussions that would have occurred, had the outcome been any different than it did entail.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Shout OUTS ('bout time they got outta the 'closet'!)

I'm putting this out to alert folks to many fellow gamers and their OWN 'efforts'! Sure, WHO 'better' to portray some ''shout OUTS'' than a 'mime'! Yep, that's my 'mindset', IF you can call 'it' that! There's also included here, the LINK for the 'Blog' with varying contributors that I am a 'member' of, along with many other distinguised 'authors' and their outlooks upon just about ALL! For anyone that wishes to contribute their own 'site', then by all means let me know and I'll include that here. One of the few 'shows' that I happen to like plenty and listen to regularly, is the ''Dice Tower'' done up by Joe Steadman & Tom Vasel. Another devoted games site is done by Brandon Gajda (a.k.a. 'Rune Blade') and his excellent renditions for use with the 'Axis & Allies' pieces(along with some others from various companies). His 'games' are quick and easy while in keeping with the simplicity of the 'O'riginal ones, yet they present additional 'playings' within lots of 'genres' over several 'periods of History'! I have also included LINKS to a few others as well, such as ''elbowmaster'', renowned purveyor of truly remarkable 'games maps' , the fine folks that make 1/600th scale aircraft for many uses, at ''Vapour Trails'', the spectacularly eccentric ''Advanced 'A&A' '' site run by 'Imperious Leader', the 'BG-GEEK' site, the ''CinC'' site with their 'A&A' SET that is still going on, as well as them having some great 'minis' of 1/4800th scale SHIPS, the ''Table Tactics'' site and their wonderfully produced 'products', the ''Guild of Blades'' site and their 'A&A' based games, the ''XENO'' site as they make ''Fortress America'' pieces, plus many more when I happen across those!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the NEXT day

Here we have another example for what is considered 'whatever' but NOT 'presentable' for the GAMES that they're intended for? It combines 'minis' WITH 'hex-&-counter' WARgames! Why, I'd believe that I could 'use' the RISK game's 'bits' for THIS as well, so why don't y'all try it sometime as it does provide 'some' or slight ''fog of war'' on these 'grognard-games'. Even the many others could be 'done' as these were, while some temporary adhesive could be applied for an interchangable system for amongst them ALL. Lucky for me, I could even 'use' some actual 'Nappy Troops' as others can too ONCE they've 'acquired' those for themselves. Yeah, at least I 'got mine' when they were mass 'cheaper' or the best method is to buy LARGE amounts discounted where you can. A GREAT 'deal' today is around $5-a-box or 'sprue', of around 40-50 figures, or less for Cavalry, or Artillery, etc. I'll just get 'busy' upon my ''Battle Cry'' gameboard for some easily 'played' games.

Just another day

So it would seem, while I wonder if I could make it through an entire DAY without a 'game fix'? Now in the first photo we have some 'bits' that could become easily introduced upon the 2nd photo'gamemap'. They're just awaiting 'orders' for a game 'use' of them, while some already HAVE that 'ability' in some other 'expansion' for THEM! wa-WA-WAAaaa? Yep, that's right! Check out the ''F.A. X-P-1'' Variant for them at the ''boardgamegeek'' site and the LINK is here so just copy the 'line' and paste this into 'seek mode':

THIS 2nd 'gamemap' is intended for the 'blix' playing ONLINE edition with a simple method for a couple of players, while a '3'-player version is also 'designed'. THAT shall be included within a later 'blog' entry about it. Due to the 'fact' that I've already 'made' these, then we'll find out to what 'purposes' will they be used? In the meantime, you'll just need to become familiar with the 'basics' of the ''Fortress America'' game, since there'll be many others to 'learn more' about later.
I invite any who view them to indicate their inclination to HAVE some as well, while even MORE are planned and on the 'way'! Now 'Imagine' even some other 'areas' that they could end up within? THAT's what I'm 'talking' about, since there's MORE than a few 'sets' of these, then I shall make this 'offer': When I make 'up' a SET that I have available, then I'd be willing to 'award' this to those who 'respond' upon said 'offer'. All I'm 'asking' is for folks to honestly PLAY this game WHILE 'utilizing' some of the 'concepts' AND especially the ''Futu-Fighters'' Option. You can 'subsitute' some 'A&A'-planes for the time being, while I've got a few of those actual ''Futu-Fighters'' as you can plainly 'see'! I'll find out about how many 'sets' of just those that I can 'make' and will provide 'consolation' prizes at least! Once I can set an 'official' terms of agreement for ALL to 'abide' by, then keep this in mind to possibly obtain some of these 'bits' for yourselves. So dig out your dust covered 'game' and set it up! For the time being, then I'd prefer to 'sponsor' ONLY the '2'-Player sessions for this, as that will make the games quicker. Reply here and include your NAME if interested.

Monday, August 08, 2005 the 'machine'

Hello everyone! YES! I've gone and created 'this' to present gaming related items that are under represented for many 'Games', and for which I have NO 'idea' of just WHY they don't wish to include these. As I've mentioned many times before, 'some' places have their 'policies' that are NOT very 'exclusive' on these, as they have many 'contraventions' on 'that' for THIS! To avoid their 'hassles', then I will provide this 'service' for us ALL to partake of. I'll even allow for many others to present themselves and their similiar 'sentiments' to become displayed HERE, for any to examine or provide commentary upon. Now to ''kick this pig''! 'chut-up' PeTA!