Monday, August 15, 2005

a case of the ''Mondays''

Today being the 15th of August & l`emperor's "b-day", a doff of the hat in your 'honor' mon "Sirrah!"

UPDATE: Tuesday evening, as the RAIN diminishes then I look over some 'fun games' that could be 'fun'ed' even more, but they're kinds of MY 'liking' so you can figure out WHAT kinds these'll be. The most easiest is the ole "Army Mens" kinds while I have more 'stuff' for the tiny ones than the larger kinds. I'd been amassing "Desert War" types of the modern variety, so there's quite the selection for this. It's surprising what "Matchbox" & "CORGI" can produce, while I've seen some of the larger ones going for just $3 apiece instead of their COSTLIER prices! These 'bigger' kinds are even "pre-painted" and not as shabbily as others that I might mention-but won't! See? YOU 'thought' of those immediately ON your 'own'! Now do you understand? Anyway, there's also some decent 'generic' sorts and you can get them at around '2' for $1 while I also find and obtain multi-sets for $1. THE very best 'primo' one has this: a Jeep; a Helicopter like a Hughes 'pointy-snout' kind; a Tank which looks like a 'Chieftain'~(Iraqi) of sorts; a Trailer with actual 'firing' Missile launcher; a Trailer with what I call the ''Scud"~(Iraqi) Missile-but doesn't 'launch'-yet!; a 'big rig' Tractor trailer Truck to haul 'one' of these around with, while I'm getting others seperately for those without; a 'Roadsign'; and a '55-gallon drum barrel'. Pretty good for a whole $ dollar $ eh? They are in "European camo" paint so I have to paint them for the "Desert Wars". Also from like "Matchbox" then I got some 'LTVP's for the "Marines"! Now for even Micro Armor uses then "Matchbox" also makes 'aircraft' of WW-2 vintage and mostly Modern kinds. I'll put up a photo of them here after I scan this. I've mostly gotten the "DC-3", the modern "Transport" airplane, the Military & Transport "Helos", and some funky looking "Fighter" ones. There's a dozen of them in total, so later on then I will provide the photos of them ALL here.


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