Saturday, August 13, 2005

Day 6

Yep, that's right! I've gotten my OWN 'spinoffs' of almost ALL or your favourites with many more to see, while yet some that you NEVER 'heard' of and lots that you wouldn't! It does require that you have '3-D-reaming' abilities since the 'back' isn't the ONLY 'spot' in 'this' version. Plus, it has 'recycling' in it for the 'Greeners', there's plenty of "BURNiNATION!", obviously!, with varied life forms as "World Leader" types(since this aspect can become 'tuned' for your tastes), if YOU want 'Prez of the World and Homecoming 'Queen'-Ken'-FINE by me! Oh yeah, there's deities for that "righteous indignation" effect, since what would a game of "LIFE" be, without 'Luck'? I sure hope that folks enjoy my 'jibes' as much as I 'do' making them!


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