Thursday, August 11, 2005

Daze of deciding

Considering that many folks are 'blogging' these days, then you almost have to 'be' the MOST intriguing or outlandish 'one' to get noticed and draw IN the 'crowds'! I will just do whatever it is necessary to provide some of the better 'content' for anyone who finds MY 'contributions' as deserving for their OWN 'interests'! Now, as for this latest photo, then it is a reminder of our 'roots' and just what our forefathers had to overcome in order to present to the WORLD an entirely 'New & Improved' form of governing people. As a 'lead-in' to a gaming proposal, then maybe you folks that are really 'into' the ''Pirates of the Spanish Main'' would like to take the time & effort to create a ''Battle of Valcour Island'' scenario! Yes, led by the admirable 'Benedict Arnold'(at the time), then it is truly one of the epic encounters during the ''American Revolutionary War'' period of our history. Reading up on this would certainly enlighten yourself as to the repercussions that would have occurred, had the outcome been any different than it did entail.


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