Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday at last!

Just a note about WHY do 'we' ALL desire certain GAMEs over others? For myself then I'd just be 'happy' with the 'promised ones' like in this ad. In case you are unable to 'read the fine print' then I'll detail these here. There was going to 'be' another '2'-'Battles Games' AND they were going to be called ''the Battle of Valcour Island'' & ''the Battle of Eutaw Springs''. Then there were going to 'be' a whole '4' more ''Campaign Games'' of which we never 'saw' them. These covered ''Yorktown'', ''Long Island'', ''Newport'' and ''Ticonderoga''. Anyone with knowledge of these, then please have them continue to completion or assist upon this, as I've always enjoyed their depictions of the events portrayed with them.


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