Thursday, August 18, 2005

From beyond the ''past''!

While I'm on the subject, check out these '2'-mm scale ''Ancients'' Troops! Won't these look GREAT upon that 'C&C-Ancients' gameboard? They're possibly available and many others, so find a 'site' with these or others of which you'd have a better gaming experience and PAINT them up 'good' or get someone who CAN! They could even be nice enough to provide 'scale' settings for entire 'Scenarios' IF they had the needed materials! So, create a 'bargain' in exchange for 'services rendered' to accomodate one another. I know that this is a 'leap in faith' with one another and rightly so, of which we ALL would expect due regards for everyone involved. That being 'said', then expect the 'unexpected', while NO 'one' expects the ''Sardinish Exposition!''


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