Saturday, August 20, 2005

Games of the Weekend Day #1

Since I'm writing this 'up' after the fact, then here's what was 'gamed' on Saturday: I was hoping to get into a 'mood' for the TSR versions of ''Red Storm Rising'' followed by ''A Line in the Sand'', but we only played the first one. Considering that my opponent had only 'played' the game ONE time before and as ''der NATO'', he was given the ''Soviet'' forces this time. He did terribly horrible for his 'dice rolls', while he did get a 'break' in the southern line, but he couldn't ''pour through'' like he should have. Up North, then he 'broke' open some spots, but by the end of the NATO turn, then any 'Soviet Units' were thrown BACK and the 'holes' closed up ''guten-tight''!
''Bon Vivant! mon amis Dani y Belgique!'' They done BESTesses for theirselves on this crucial opening round and flung'd their opponents ''to the rear with the gear'' AND hauling damages! I had BOTH of the U.S.A. ''1st A.D.'' AND the ''3rd A.D.'' units wiped out in 'Kill' shots on 'em! I ended up KIA of '17' for NATO and '7' for PACT forces AND kept the Soviets from 'getting' their '4' Cities needed to WIN! I didn't need to take my LAST turn for the NATO forces, while I could have at least 'attacked' to retrieve the others. We 'called' the game so we might get into the NEXT 'one'.

Our 2nd game was just plain ole 'A&A' of the 'M.B.' variety and it was my only 'loss' of the ones that we did play. I had the AXIS forces and Germany ended up ''hunkered & bunkered'' while JAPAN managed to get onto 'Manchuria' with a 'Complex', as did the USA in 'China' & the UK in 'South Africa' while NONE of 'us' could 'get' the other's 'Complex' areas yet we tried. I conceded as it was getting fairly 'early' into the morning and we wanted to rest up for a FULL 'daze' playings and we did.


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