Friday, August 19, 2005

Got the ''Fridays'' again

Considering that I had expected to be 'gaming' at this time, then folks can figure on my general 'disposition'. Why I might EVEN have been 'willing' to try out this 'latest' of the 'Greatest'! Yes, I 'made' this UP myself and I gots the 'bits' to prove it, so MINE is 'one of a kind', while it IS ''collectible'' for myself right now. Oh yeah, the 'Leaders' of mine are ''Titanium''-cast so's there's NO 'losers' as they'd be 'costly' to say the least. Also, since the 'Aliens' possess 'a cute Power' then they can 'rearrange' the gamemap so's EVERY 'game' will be different. Wouldn't it 'be' X-tra kewl to have the ''Arctic'' where ''Hawaii'' was? ''pineapples & polar bears'' a-cuddlin on the beach, while mutant ''penguins astride warthogs'' CHARGE! whomever's within reach. Hey! maybe there ought to become an 'ode' to this? ''The CHARGE of the 'Flight-less' Brigade of Mutant Penguin 'Woags' this day!'' We'll see what others can come up with before I produce my own version of this, since I have to write it up anyway in the meanwhile. Sure, like I'd expect anyone to even TRY their hand, although them FRP-types could draw upon their 'readings' for inspiration. I'm thinking that I'll 'use' the ''Greyhawk'' background material for mine, so pick something else! I called ''first dibs''!


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