Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hump DAY

Yes, it's that particular 'day' and I'm beat to the bandwidth from my exertions from all of my 'yardwork' that I endured today. So, I have ALL of these 'Space bits' and not much to do with them. Now, I don't have them ALL as I don't want some anyway. So, Joe Steadman is wanting a GAME more like 'Space Cadet Leader' or some such, which is fine since I can 'do' that AND in 'minis' fashion, toot suite! As a result of this, then I had suggested a 'Combo' of games where you'd have 'Space Travel' while resolving 'Battles' even upon the surface of planets and such. Just for the fun of it then you could use the TSR ''Buck Rogers'' but combine this with 'bits' from the likes of other games. Which ones? the 'ones' that you already HAVE!


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