Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just another day

So it would seem, while I wonder if I could make it through an entire DAY without a 'game fix'? Now in the first photo we have some 'bits' that could become easily introduced upon the 2nd photo'gamemap'. They're just awaiting 'orders' for a game 'use' of them, while some already HAVE that 'ability' in some other 'expansion' for THEM! wa-WA-WAAaaa? Yep, that's right! Check out the ''F.A. X-P-1'' Variant for them at the ''boardgamegeek'' site and the LINK is here so just copy the 'line' and paste this into 'seek mode':


THIS 2nd 'gamemap' is intended for the 'blix' playing ONLINE edition with a simple method for a couple of players, while a '3'-player version is also 'designed'. THAT shall be included within a later 'blog' entry about it. Due to the 'fact' that I've already 'made' these, then we'll find out to what 'purposes' will they be used? In the meantime, you'll just need to become familiar with the 'basics' of the ''Fortress America'' game, since there'll be many others to 'learn more' about later.
I invite any who view them to indicate their inclination to HAVE some as well, while even MORE are planned and on the 'way'! Now 'Imagine' even some other 'areas' that they could end up within? THAT's what I'm 'talking' about, since there's MORE than a few 'sets' of these, then I shall make this 'offer': When I make 'up' a SET that I have available, then I'd be willing to 'award' this to those who 'respond' upon said 'offer'. All I'm 'asking' is for folks to honestly PLAY this game WHILE 'utilizing' some of the 'concepts' AND especially the ''Futu-Fighters'' Option. You can 'subsitute' some 'A&A'-planes for the time being, while I've got a few of those actual ''Futu-Fighters'' as you can plainly 'see'! I'll find out about how many 'sets' of just those that I can 'make' and will provide 'consolation' prizes at least! Once I can set an 'official' terms of agreement for ALL to 'abide' by, then keep this in mind to possibly obtain some of these 'bits' for yourselves. So dig out your dust covered 'game' and set it up! For the time being, then I'd prefer to 'sponsor' ONLY the '2'-Player sessions for this, as that will make the games quicker. Reply here and include your NAME if interested.


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