Monday, August 29, 2005

MNF...this time!

Yes!, I did get to watch this as it wasn't ''blacked out'' around these parts, but I bet them 'Detroit Lions' fans had wished that it was there! Now, if you take a very close 'look-see' here, then you'll notice that there's RUSSIAN writing upon this! I've got an article that explains how to go about and 'creating' another proposed German Aircraft carrier, while it wouldn't have been as BIG as this one was 'supposed' to become. The name of that 'one' was going to 'be' known as the ''Max Immelmann'' and it was going to be based upon a 'Pocket Battleship' hull, of which that'd 'mean' that the poor ''Graf Spee'' wouldn't have become built. So keep that in mind if you happen to 'make' your own version of this.


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