Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the NEXT day

Here we have another example for what is considered 'whatever' but NOT 'presentable' for the GAMES that they're intended for? It combines 'minis' WITH 'hex-&-counter' WARgames! Why, I'd believe that I could 'use' the RISK game's 'bits' for THIS as well, so why don't y'all try it sometime as it does provide 'some' or slight ''fog of war'' on these 'grognard-games'. Even the many others could be 'done' as these were, while some temporary adhesive could be applied for an interchangable system for amongst them ALL. Lucky for me, I could even 'use' some actual 'Nappy Troops' as others can too ONCE they've 'acquired' those for themselves. Yeah, at least I 'got mine' when they were mass 'cheaper' or the best method is to buy LARGE amounts discounted where you can. A GREAT 'deal' today is around $5-a-box or 'sprue', of around 40-50 figures, or less for Cavalry, or Artillery, etc. I'll just get 'busy' upon my ''Battle Cry'' gameboard for some easily 'played' games.


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