Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Alright then, since I have your attentions on this, while I have to 'create' a feature here as a NEW item! How's about some of the latest games? naaah, since I didn't WIN any of them as of yet, so somebody 'mentioned' upon the "Dice Tower #12" show by Joe Steadman & Tom Vasel, about NO decent 'exploratory' types of games! Well, for one thing, then it'd have to 'be' a LONG game at that, since you have to develop places over a good length of 'time'! Some games managed this with their "Event Decks" and the like, while a few even had certain 'time limits' or TURNs for this. Most of the 'fun' kinds were of a 'generic' theme with a 'made up' type of gamemap for this. I guess that even venturing out into SPACE could be within bounds, while Joe Steadman 'mentioned' about this. So, to keep this within 'reasonable' aspects, then I am partial to what ''Yaquinto'' did with their ''Marine:2002'' game. This is the basis for mine, while the rest is just 'made' as I go along. Others can adopt the ''Starship Trooper'' version if they'd like, since just about ANY could be used for this. You do need the various gamemaps or make your own. I'd go for nicely detailed photomaps that you could draw upon and section this into areas and such. I've got some astounding 'Galaxy' ones that are UNreal so they'll fit right in, while YOU could be finding your own to your liking and customize this. Then others could check yours out at any Cons that you'd attend or similiar functions where you'd WANT to ''show off''! Take some 'pride' in your efforts so's others can SEE your 'handicraft' as I like to hear about what others have done 'specially' for some myself!

UPDATE another ''Yaquinto'' title would also work as well for THIS with the ''Starfall'' game!


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Yup.... your right....


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