Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday August 27th, '05

This is a tad 'late' here, as I was catching up and prepping for some other 'obligations' in the meantime. Now, for some of us, then we'll easily 'recollect' upon this SET of 'bits', and many others, that we'd obtained through the pages of various 'Comic books', so they're good for THAT at least! I recall even trying to save up the FUNDS to get the 'Tank' or 'Sub' that they advertised in some of these, as that'd have been ''teh kewl'' if I had. My own 'Dad' wondered just HOW could they provide the necessary 'technology' in which to submerge AND surface this SUB 'craft'! So maybe the 'Tank' would have been a better way to go?

There were even some 'flats' figures available but I didn't care for them so much, although there are 'fans' of them, but WHY? I'd much prefer the ''full figures'' for a more realistic 'look' to these, and we hardly ever played these as they had intended, since we'd 'devise' much more 'fun' games instead. I can't even remember just what 'happened' to my own SETS of these, as I'm fairly certain that once I 'got into' actual WARgames, then I didn't keep these in 'mind' anymore. If only I had been involved with MINIS as well at the same time, then I might have kept 'close tabs' upon those and still have them around. The ONLY 'minis' that I obtained at the time were from ALNAVCO as I wanted to 'recreate' the ''Battle of the River Plate'' with the Graf Spee, Exeter, the Ajax, & the Achilles. At the time then they didn't HAVE the 'Exeter' so they substituted the 'Cumberland' in its stead. NOT exactly the 'same' if you know what I mean.


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