Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Shout OUTS ('bout time they got outta the 'closet'!)

I'm putting this out to alert folks to many fellow gamers and their OWN 'efforts'! Sure, WHO 'better' to portray some ''shout OUTS'' than a 'mime'! Yep, that's my 'mindset', IF you can call 'it' that! There's also included here, the LINK for the 'Blog' with varying contributors that I am a 'member' of, along with many other distinguised 'authors' and their outlooks upon just about ALL! For anyone that wishes to contribute their own 'site', then by all means let me know and I'll include that here. One of the few 'shows' that I happen to like plenty and listen to regularly, is the ''Dice Tower'' done up by Joe Steadman & Tom Vasel. Another devoted games site is done by Brandon Gajda (a.k.a. 'Rune Blade') and his excellent renditions for use with the 'Axis & Allies' pieces(along with some others from various companies). His 'games' are quick and easy while in keeping with the simplicity of the 'O'riginal ones, yet they present additional 'playings' within lots of 'genres' over several 'periods of History'! I have also included LINKS to a few others as well, such as ''elbowmaster'', renowned purveyor of truly remarkable 'games maps' , the fine folks that make 1/600th scale aircraft for many uses, at ''Vapour Trails'', the spectacularly eccentric ''Advanced 'A&A' '' site run by 'Imperious Leader', the 'BG-GEEK' site, the ''CinC'' site with their 'A&A' SET that is still going on, as well as them having some great 'minis' of 1/4800th scale SHIPS, the ''Table Tactics'' site and their wonderfully produced 'products', the ''Guild of Blades'' site and their 'A&A' based games, the ''XENO'' site as they make ''Fortress America'' pieces, plus many more when I happen across those!


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