Sunday, August 21, 2005


What better 'way' to start off your ''sunny Sunday morning'' than with a ''Pearl Harbor RAID!'' Of course, when's there's more than 'one' of 'em, then they can become quite 'tedious' as we were to find out. I was JAPAN in this game, so you can 'see' just WHOM was the 'architect' for these. In all, we had '3' GRAND ''Battles of Pearl Harbor'' in the 'Hawaiian' waters. Upon conclusion of the '2nd'-''Pearl Harbor'' Battle, then there was not a single USA naval vessel upon the entire BOARD! They made up for this in the '3rd' ''Pearl Harbor'' Battle as I even 'lost' an entire FLEET in this! I had combined them to attack the USA Navy and we 'honorably' ''run away'' for our efforts. At least those '2'-Fleets managed to COST the USA some '15'-IPCs LOSS for a couple of turns before 'one' of them ended up 'visiting' ole ''Davy Jones Locker''! Following shortly AFTER the '3rd'-''Pearl Harbor'' Battle, then there even was a ''Battle for Midway'' while down south there was massive ''Coral Seas'' Battles going on as the 'Aussie' Aircraft Carrier flitted about. There was even an 'Indian' Navy' that was keeping Japan from ''dropping in'' for a 'visit' around their waters, while the lack of Troops also didn't help out Japan any. China managed to 'get' 'Shantung' province for an EXTRA Infantry on a couple of Turns, while the Troops kept being ''poured into'' the Areas from everyone! It was mostly Defensive 'play' going on upon the 'Asian Continent' as the ''Sea Battles'' were taking place and raging all around the 'gameboard'. Only through ''hanging on'' WHILE accumulating 'Victory Points' was I able to accomplish the WIN in 'this'! As it was, I'd even gotten '24'-points at THIS in '7'-Turns, yeah! The 'hurt' on the Allies was when I was 'taking' away their 'ducks' while gaining upon my own, and ain't that the way it 'goes'? So, onto the NEXT game.

Then we decided to get a game of this going and we ended up 'playing' twice, since I WON in '2' different manners. The first GAME was the standard ''take out the Russkies'' approach, while fending off the Western Allies. But we were NO 'slouches' as the 'Kreigsmarine' comprised the following: '2'-Aircraft Carriers, '1'-Battleship, '3'-Destroyers, '4'-Transports, & '3'-Subs. This 'Navy' even included the Italian Regia Marina starting units of the '1'-Battleship, & '1'-Destroyer! Shows that I DID ''have a Naval Plan'' if nothing else. Now it ends up that I take Moscow anyway but the FLEET helped some for 'bombards'.
Then during the 2nd game I was getting WIPED on the Eastern Front, and they's 'Advancin'! upon us while the Western Allies 'jumped' into FRANCE-land, so's I 'jump' into ENGLAND afterwards. I had '8' Troops of '4'-each Infy & Arty, a Bmbr, '3'-Ftrs, a BB & '2'-DD bombards. They were defending with a Bmbr, a Tank, a Ftr, '2'-Arty, & '3'-Infy. We took it with '4'-Arty left. The USA 'counter'-INVADE and take it away from 'us', so we's takes it AWAY from 'them' and garner the WIN, since they can't get it again. aaaah...I love it when ''Sea Lion deux'' succeeds where the first failed! Great game when it has good interaction back and forth, while the Russkies were out of reach, darn. The ONLY 'redeeming' land 'Campaign' was with MY ''Afrika Korps'' & ''Supremo Commando'', as they managed to whomp'n the ''Brit Desert Forces'' AND git on UP kick'n up'n into the Russkie's 'Caucasus'! on their ''backdoor'' approach to Moscow! Avanti! We had the 'Allies' toss'n US '6'-bucks outta their OWN pockets, YES!


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