Thursday, August 25, 2005


Taking off from last week's 'cue', then wouldn't a more 'minis' based portrayal of the Troops in a LARGE 'formation' be of a better 'image' to depict these 'Units'? Sure, the pictures are 'pretty' while I like 'masses' of dudes in the 'Ancients' department. So to quell my desires then maybe have some 1/144th scale 'guys' of which are almost twice the SIZE of the 1/285th and half of 1/72nd. There's already TANKS in these 'scales', so why not? They could be 'based' even to represent 'Squad Level' troops eh? ''if they make it, they will BUY!''


At 6:12 PM, Blogger ginn5j said...

What scale minis are you replacing the blocks with when you get a copy of Commands & Colors: Ancients?

At 1:31 AM, Blogger GROGnads said...

Hello Jim, I expect to 'utilize' the ones that I already have, and are of the 1/72nd scales. What I'll do is take an equal amount of 'figures' for the strengths of their 'Units', except in the case of Elephants and the like. This way then I'll finally get to use these 'guys' in a gaming environment. I'll probably need to get even more of particular ones in the case of those that I don't possess.


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