Friday, August 12, 2005

A Time to reflect upon the ''Good ole Days''

Yes, how many of YOU can recall these 'Comic-book' ads for the likes of those? Now, the very large 'modern' appearing Aircraft Carrier wasn't a part of this 'set', in case you're wondering about them. I even remember that we'd get some of these 'mishapen' ones as well, but that only meant that they'd 'have' some very convincing ''Battle Damages!'' Either that, or sometimes then we'd even 'create' those effects on our own, with matches or candles and the like. Could anyone even begin to imagine just WHAT it would 'cost' to reproduce these today? I know of many folks that would like to have these for their very own gaming purposes, so if someone has the gumption and means for this, then you'd make lots of people happier with SETS of these. Since 'model making' has advanced so much from my own ''days of yore'', then I'd expect there to be quite the demand for *specialty* items such as what you've seen here. I heartily encourage others to join myself in producing whatever is 'requested' for whosever's purposes, or just ''to have & to hold'' in their hands once again.


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