Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday Night's alright for Gaming!

Well, when you can that is, while I am NOT at this time. In case you're wondering, then YES! I will be playing this game with a fellow GEEK(by the name of 'Squeegamer') and I propose to include the 'results' on here for others to follow. We expect to conduct our 'Turns' while in a CHAT site so that we can perhaps complete a few of them over the span of a few weeks for this. I've managed to send this off to him today and he will need to place his INVADERs Troops, as I will be the USA-Player for our game. This isn't the first time that I have 'run' a game like this, but if anyone else does, then I'd strongly advise that YOU only have '2' players to speed things up for that. This will be his first 'game' of this, so I'm hoping that he will find it as exciting as many of 'us' have over the years.


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