Tuesday, August 16, 2005

vive l'viv!

Since so much is going on then there ought to be a schedule to keep track upon certain subjects so I'm starting a 'system' of concentrating upon same DAY topics of before, until I finish them or move on. It is also a continuation of yesterday's main feature, the "B-day" one! Embellishing upon the current 'fare' then we have some decent pickings in which to conduct this. Now, I'm very much in favor of several 'settings' be used to conduct "Campaigns" where there might be a 'Strategic scale' gamemap AND some generic Terrain tiles for 'customized' "Battles maps" with the likes of the "Battle Cry" or "Napoleon in Europe" figure pieces. For now, we've got the "Battle Cry" boards and perhaps the upcoming "C&C:Ancients" as well but we'll have to wait and see. Even this latest version of "Conquest of the Empire" could be better 'played' as a 'minis'-style game, but WHAT is 'there' instead? They just have to be 'shown' as far as I'm concerned.

This brings up what I would like to 'see' for the FUN of it! The 'flag' is a "Cavalry Pennant" for a 'Mexican Cavalry' unit and of which there's a "Mexican-American War" VARIANT for the "Battle Cry" game. There's even the appropriate Troops for each side, as well as the "Alamo Defenders"-(including 'Sam Houston'!), that EACH of you has to get on their own since NO ONE makes complete 'Sets' for this. I'd like to see them provide those so I'll just have to keep on "dreamin' ON!"


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Steadman said...

I'd like to see a Space theme!

At 12:09 AM, Blogger GROGnads said...

Well Joe, you'd NEED some various "Space" games WITH the right 'bits' for this! while I 'do'! Even the old "Battleline" game of "Alpha-Centauri" would be 'do-able', as well as many others that I could mention. With the assorted "Space Fleets" MINIS that I have, then I'd have dozens of 'Races' to "dream up"!


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