Sunday, August 14, 2005

Yeah I should have RESTED

Just a quick entry with a *NOTE* that poor Joe & Tom & 'someone' else had their access to their OWN 'blogs' gimped and they don't know WHY! I fixed the LINK here then in the meantime, while I'll post something else later on as I can EDIT this at my leisure.

UPDATE: I made off 'easy' for fixing my vehicle and getting back home MONDAY evening, and I'm tired so this is 'it' for now.

LATEST:Tuesday and the weather 'turned' to RAIN so I wasn't going outside to work in the 'open air' on the damm vehicle.

On a gaming related note, then I was considering about an easy to produce version with my own 'takes' along the lines of "Grand Imperialism" and the 'bits' if you have them already.


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