Friday, September 30, 2005

Advancements to look forward upon

There's sure to be some controversy concerning some of these 'concepts' depicted here. As for that `copter vehicle, I can just 'see' this NOW, with folks 'wearing' their "3-D 'Movie' spectacles", cooking upon their "hella-HELO-oven", putting on their 'make-up', and yapping upon their 'cell-hell-phones'! sheeeesh!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some more "Sci Fi" stuff

Since these are actually available, then I'll provide the LINK for anyone who wishes to possibly obtain such. With the 1st 'group' of them, then they are supposed to be quite BIG, in comparison with the next 'group', and which is WHY you are getting many more of those. For what they're 'asking' with a nice sized 'package' for them, then you can't go too wrong if they strike your 'fancy'. I only wished that yet others were made available from some decent 'source'.

THEN, go to "Novelties>Astronauts & Space" and page '3' for ordering '411' on those.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

NEW Fortress America Expansion Pack #1 pieces

Don't be thinking that these are readily available, just yet, but they could become such with the right folks behind them ALL! I've been going at this from time to time, in order to concentrate upon whatever the "bits flavor" of the DAY happened to be at the moment. As for the NEW types of "Helos", then I was planning on either have actual 'rotors', like the ones upon the others, or something to give `em that "whirling" effect or 'look'. The largest of these may even become a "Heavy Lift" sort of kind, able to transport even a TANK or along that line.

Having 'discovered' that the 'bits' from the 'XENO' game of "Sushi-Jalapeno WAR", will suffice for many of what is needed in the "F.A.E.P.#1" GAME, then here's what they will comprise. The 'Infantry' is of a different 'pose' altogether, and hence shall become as "Paratroopers" , the "H-T" will be as an "Assault H-T", with the 'Mobile Unit' as the "Transport M-U", the 'Helo' is an "Assault Helo", and the 'Bomber' as the "Heavy Bomber". There is also a 'Partisan' that is different, so it could be as either an "Assault" type, or maybe something else? Oh yeah, and there's even some "NUKED 'Mushroom Clouds' bits", which for some are highly desired in other game settings.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another 'unusual' kind

Just take a gander upon this closely, so that you'll notice right away that it is 'sporting' NOT a "machine-gun" fixed forward! They got quite 'ambitious' for this "half-track", with IT preceding the more 'modern' ones today. Compared to ALL of what the "Allies" had 'done' with their`n, then yep, this 'lil' "bugger" put them to SHAME! Just look `em UP for yourself, to see the many combinations that were derived from its 'humble' beginnings.What are also 'desired', are many others in MICRO scale, while of a more 'hard plastic OR resin' composition for their 'forms'. I don't care much for 'metals' sorts, since they're not as GOOD as what you can 'do' with others. While that damm 'soft plastic' is just almost as NOT 'desired'. How come WE, meaning whomever wished to be involved, don't go ahead and INFORM either the 'makers' of such, to do theirs as WE 'desired', or else WE will do 'that' ourselves instead?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

UPDATE upon the "Italians"

As I had initially 'planned' upon creating a rather extensive 'collection' of NEW pieces for just 'their' uses, then I have scaled this back a tad. The total amount will probably include at least '3'-Battleships, '1'-Aircraft Carrier, '10'-Fighters('2' of which are "Naval" types for the "Carrier"), '3'-Bombers, '5'-Destroyers,' 6'-SUBs, '6'-Transports, '10'-Artillery, '8'-Armor, '25'-Infantry~ EACH of '2'-types("Regular" & "Improved"). These will be of a "light GRAY" color, in keeping with the 'XENO' kinds, that many are using for their 'own'. You could even use those "Battleships" of theirs, for "Battlecruisers" now, as I plan on doing just that myself. The photo accompanying 'this', displays just which particular "vessel" I have been basing my "Battlship" 'designs' upon and as near as can be accomplished, as it is rather easy to 'create', in regards to this 'project'. The "Aircaft Carrier" is going to closely approximate that of the "Aquila" class, that they were trying to see about launching. There's an even 'wilder looking' one of these "A.C.", and I might be tempted to "do it" just for the FUN of that. The "A.C." is taking the longest to 'make' of them ALL, what with its distinctive 'features', and so it is WHY I don't wish to have too many, due to that 'factor' alone.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

NOT so 'seriously'

For those of YOU, who aren't fully aware of this little 'faux photo', then NO, you won't be seeing anything like IT, from the "HasBORG" folks at anytime! They aren't 'creative' enough for the likes of this, since they have their "Fantastical-farcical" mind-set. They couldn't EVEN 'provide' what was expected OF 'them', such as the "L.o.t.R. RISK" Expansion here in the USA, although they did 'manage' to accomodate the folks over in EUROPE with such! Way to 'go' there "ass-munchers", and yeah, BITE my 'ass'! for THAT!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday September 23, 2005

Gaze upon these beauties and don't let your jaw drop down too low from astonishment! As some of you may be aware of this 'development', then it appears to become the latest for "Marine Deployment", using a combination of this vessel, the 'Assault Hovercraft', as well as the "Osprey" aircraft. The "box coverart" may just be that of an upcoming or already available '1/700th' scale model kit. You could expect to pay handsomely for THAT, if this is the 'case', from what I'm familiar about 'those'. Sure, I can understand how "inflation" might affect these makers of the 'kits', but REALLY!, do they 'need' to be so 'expensive'!?! Just HOW 'much' would you think that this would be available AS, you might 'ask'? Well, if prior sorts of the same kind are a good indicator, and this depends upon the manufacturer as well, then probably around over $30 or MORE! Oh yeah, I've seen others at this 'priceyness', and that alone deters 'moi' from giving them any further considerations as a result. Yes, I'm "frugal" or 'cheap', as some might exclaim, since I am also 'spoiled' with many a "bargain" that I can usually obtain somewhere. I might just have to explore many an online place for this, IF it is even possible to 'get' that from somewhere. I'm sure that it'll be very popular, what with their 'playing' upon people's "sentiments" with their proclamation upon that "box" appearance.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday September 22, 2005

The weekend is fast approaching upon us once again and what is there to do? Well, how's about taking the time and read over this and then let it all sink in so that you will want to dig out this ole 'gem' and delve into it once again eh? Go on! you 'know' you want to, so why not? In case you're wondering about this then it is the 'Official Errata & Addendum' for the ''13: the Colonies in Revolt'' game and I have much greater regards for this design over just about any others covering the entire Campaign. Not even the vaunted ''1776'' can compare to this with its exquisite details and extensive background for the discriminating 'Grognard'!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday September 21, 2005

With last week's introduction to a 'Sci Fi' theme, then I continue upon this with the following. These happen to represent some 'Pirate' Fleet spaceships and they're quite impressive looking with their backdrop as well. From their appearances, then they would have been a '2'-Crew vessel with perhaps a 'Support' ship nearby to accomodate them in their forays. With entire Fleets of them going about their 'businesses', then you could believe that they'd be able to tangle & mangle any intended 'Targets'. Since they're most likely to obtain the very BEST from their encounters with other 'races' in outer space, then it would have been quite the array of weaponry and differing kinds upon most of them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday September 20, 2005

Since I'm awaiting my opponent to create his set up 'map' for our upcoming ''Fortress America'' game, then I will bring up other similiar material on this. I felt, as many others did as well, that there should be a method in which the INVADERS could provide some 'safety' from the Laser attack, so that's why I provided the ''Thor's Hammer'' counter for that. The RADAR piece has yet to have a purpose devised for it but I'm sure someone will think of something. I've got to get busy and make up some of them inverted winged airplanes just to see how they'd look once completed. Then there's some CARDS of which I'd like to have additional 'Forces' created for use once they're drawn for play. One of these, is the ''Desert Scorpions'' CARD, of which some actual 'pieces' could be made up and then become introduced upon the gameboard. I've even got some ''Army Dunebuggies'' for consideration on the matter and I'll be working upon the details for them in the meantime.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday September 19, 2005

MNF once again with a great game between the 'Carolina Panthers' & the 'Greenbay Packers' in which the ''Panthers'' managed to hold on and WIN! Here's another unusual TANK of which many may not be fully cognizant about. It is of a French design-the Char B-1bis-and that the Germans 'improved' upon this to create a 'Panzer Jaeger' of their likings. They would incorporate various captured equipment and combine those upon whatever was handy and voila! An easily adapted and instant creation for various means of local uses, but with upgraded optics and weaponry.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday 18 September, 2005

Continuing on with another TOPIC a couple of weeks ago, but in keeping with this along the same 'lines', here's what else there is on that. This 'Hybrid' vessel would have had '23'-Aircraft, '12'-150mm Main Guns, '16'-105mm Guns, '14'-37mm Machine Guns, & '20'-20mm MGs for its armaments. At least unlike their allied AXIS companions over in JAPAN, this was intended from the beginning to 'be' this way, and NOT just taking another's hull and then 'fashioning' that in this manner. I would imagine that they intended on this design being of an 'Escort' type of vessel to accompany a 'Raiding' force of some sort. With several of these then they could have had one dedicated for Fighters and another with Dive Bombers or Torpedo aircraft, just to concentrate upon ONE type for ease of logistics. Then there's the chance that if one or the other were SUNK, it would leave them without the combination of which they'd have sought. That's the 'trade off' when you embark upon with such planning in mind, as you're just as better off with a 'Superior' ship in the first place. There were even some actual Aircraft Carriers that were going to be able to engage other opposing 'surface vessels' in Gunnery duels, and they are reflected in games such as ''Victory in the Pacific'' with them having 'Gun Factors', for those that'd like to check them out.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday 16 September, 2005

I'm going about creating an 'Italian Army' for use mainly in the 'A&A'-Europe game and mine will feature THIS particular TANK! That happens to be the ''AP-40'' and was the last type that Italy produced in very little numbers of these. I expect to be able to create maybe '3' of those Armies in total, at the most, while creating the actual Naval & Air Force airplanes & actual SHIPS will be the FUN part. I've got some excellent referance material on which to base this so that's not a problem, so much as 'crafting' the others. There are '2' kinds of Airplanes that I wish to have, namely some Army & Navy types, and while others can obtain them at considerable COST, I'm going about this as cheaply as I can. For those that care to 'know' then I will be fashioning mine from the ones that are in the 'Milton Bradely' version while I've already gotten a few made up. I have '2' kinds of Troops, the 'regular' and an ELITE types, a Bomber-the Pi-108 (while I'd like some SM-79s), '2' Fighters a Re-2000~Army & Re-2001~Navy, and for Artillery, then I'm thinking about taking some of the Eagle Games kind and making them appear as close to Italian as possible. I do have some actual Destroyers of the GHQ sort for them while the Battleships & Aircraft Carriers will be hand-made as close as possible.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Day of FRY

Wow! These 'days' are just flying by now, or so it seems. Speaking of which, here is a 'paper model' of some sort of ''Futuristic'' appearing craft by John McEwan. Those are 25mm scale figures to give you an idea on them and this in scale to one another, while the man responsible for its configuration is currently indisposed for the time being. There are even other MORE 'famous' people, well, to other ''Grognards'' that is, such as Lou Coatney! He's got quite the decent website and has many himself, although of a more 'Historical' variety. Not only that but he's got some decent 'print & play' games too and take yourself over there sometime to check them out why don't you?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day of THOR

Well, that's what they 'say' it is, so who's to complain or rectify this? Anyway, I've been mentioning & 'teasing' poor ole ''Joe Steadman'' about this VARIANT for the SPI/S&T ''Battle for Germany'' game, so now's the time to bring this forth! Here you go then Joe:

''Operation: Veritable'' by Robert Boyd:

This Scenario represents the ''Fall of Germany'' in the West. It starts on Game Turn #1 and ends on Game Turn #10. The set up follows the intial set up for the 'Historical Scenario'. The 'East Germans' and 'Soviet Units' are not used. Sequence of Play is as follows:

West German Replacement Phase:
West German Movement Phase:
West German Combat Phase:

W. Allied Rep. Phase:
W. Allied Move. Phase:
W. Allied Combat Phase:

The 'Replacements' are unchanged. All Rules are as per the 'Historical Scenario' with the exceptions noted herein:
ALL German Units that cross the 'Theatre Boundary' are considered Eliminated. If a German Unit is able to exit the map either in the South or the West, it's 'Attack Strength'-doubled-must be 'removed' from the W. Allied Troops, i.e.; if a German 6-6-8 exits the Western edge of the map, the W. Allied Player must remove '12'-strength points from his lines. The 'Strength Points' must be taken from the nearest stacks of units. ''Removed'' Units may NOT re-enter the map!

VICTORY: The W. Allies must either clear all lands West of the ''Elbe'' and North of ''Innsbruck'' of German Units, and have NO German Units South of the ''Po'', OR take ''Berlin'' by Turn #8. The Germans WIN if they prevent the W. Allied VICTORY conditions.

Another *Optional* VARIANT is as follows:
Should the Germans re-take ''Antwerp'', then ALL W. Allied Units LOSE '2'-movment points until ''Antwerp'' is re-taken.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hump DAY harrumph day

The middle of the week, and I'm resorting to playing the ''Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri'' game! It is an acclaimed sort that lots of folks believe SHOULD become 'made' into a regular 'boardgame'. For those that are quite familiar with it, then can you just begin to imagine how MANY 'types' of 'bits' that would be required for this? Sure, settle down and figure that out, then get back to ME upon the entire matter!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday musings

Well, another week rolls around and I have to oblige my erstwhile 'opponent' his familial concerns yet again, while I wish them the very BEST in their current situation. This is WHY I've placed this 'photo' here as a reminder of just what 'Game' that we'd expected to ''get down & dirty'' within at this time. It looks to me that they were going 'after' someplace in either Maine or Mass. or perhaps even upstate N.Y.! That'd have to have been some BIG 'blast' in order to cover the 'area' being shown as NUKED!

Monday, September 12, 2005

MNF of the 'Regular' Season Week 1

There was quite the 'Season Opener' for this tonight, as the Atlanta 'Falcons' managed to hold onto their 'lead', while also preventing the Philidelphia 'Eagles' from staging a late game 'comeback'! The ''Battle of the Birds'' came to a screeching conclusion in Atlanta's favor, as some considered THIS 'game' as the 'rematch' from last season's ''Playoff'' series!

Here we have the 'Austalian' designed Tank called the ''Sentinel'', and of which it didn't get to actually 'see' any Combat. By the time it was ready to roll off from the production lines, then they'd already received enough of the 'U.S.A.' vehicles to render this one unto the 'Training' services. I liked this 'camo' scheme as it looks like they were intending this for the 'Jungle' areas of actions that they were heavily involved in at the time.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sunday in commemoration

This is also the time to take a moment and reflect upon the many unfortunate people that are memorialized as a result of the 'September 11th, 2001' attacks around our countryside on that day. I dislike how they've 'condensed & commercialized' this into the ''9/11'' regard upon this, and the fact that SOME asinine individuals of our OWN 'Govt.' or whatever, will tend to 'use' that tragic event for their 'agendas'.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday aftermath

Whew! After spending like most of the night and morning with 'leveling up' in my ''Diablo 2'' game, I finally had to take a 'break' from THAT now!

Here are some metal-cast 'Fortifications' types for your viewing 'pleasure'. They are for use in ''Micro Armor'' settings, in case you're wondering. Some of them can become quite elaborate and will even have an seperate 'top' that can be removed for placing 'Troops' within those! Then there are others that are mostly for 'show' purposes since you are unable to physically put anything within those. Now, I tend to pick up stuff like this from wherever I can, and I even have gotten some 'resin' or 'plaster cast' kinds too. I like those best as they can then be 'altered' or modified for something else that I'd have in mind. Then there's some of my very OWN 'design' that I've created using whatever I happen to have lying about, or even that I've 'discovered' would look nicely for my MINIS gaming requirements.

Friday, September 09, 2005

End of the Week and start of the Weekend

Friday is here some more and what to 'do'? Well, I'm taking a break and just getting into my 'game' of ''Diablo 2 + Expansion'' to get my 'guy' up to his NEXT 'level' in that, since he really needs the 'experiences'. I've got a ''Paladin'' fellow in this, while I've even had the ''Barbarian'', the ''Necromancer'', and even the ''Druid'' in this, while I refuse to 'be' one of the 'girls' for this! Now, I've been a FAN of the genre for this since it first was available for the 'P.C.', and I sometimes will even go back to the very first 'Game' of this. I even got to play the ''Hellfire'' add-on to that, of which I liked this and its different 'Quests' that were included. I especially liked that 'doubling' charm necklace for the PILES of 'gold' that you could make when wearing it. I even tried to amass 1-million GOLD at one time just for the 'halibut'! It was quite the sight to see these immense mounds of loot laying about while I went about my 'business' in making as much for this as I could. aaaaah, good times...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday September 8th

First off, a hearty "Happy Birthday Anniversary" celebration for Tom Vasel! Send him your well wishes and any 'Games' that you'd like HIM to "review" while you're at it. He's also into a 'card' game called "Overpower" so he'd appreciate any errant sets of that if you have them on hand and can send those over to him.

Now, as for this CHART here, then this is the 'Players Notes' for the ''IRON Brigade'' game from 'Martin & Millman', and of which it is NOT 'available' along with its 'entry' at certain other sites. You can 'click' upon this several times to bring it up to full size and then read it much better. There's some good reading here for those that are interested in that and they might even have 'missed' this if they just looked upon that as something else about the 'description' on the back of the 'ad-sheet', instead of for what it was intended.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday September 7th, 2005

I'm listening to ''the Dice Tower #15'' as I'm writing this up. Those 'guys' and their antics can sure make the listening 'experience' one to enjoy!

So, I present here the '2' covers of the SAME game, for which ole ''Lou Zocchi'' was responsible for. He lost the 'Battle for the RIGHTs' to such once the ''big guns'' were brought in for this, while a few folks even consider 'his' as a very desireable ''collectible'' item now. Way to 'go' then ''Lou''! I admire the guy for his ability to perservere despite being 'aced out' on this while at least he's got his many accomplishments to his 'credit' as well. Lots of folks are NOT probably even aware of this as it stands, but if I 'mentioned' some of the titles that HE has 'done', then they'll recollect if they are able to.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday postponement of ''the Game''

Yep, this is on hold for the moment as a familial concern is delaying this for the time being. Boy, that 'Sub' sure looks great doesn't it? Now, I wonder if ANYONE had ever plunked down the money for this and obtained one of them. As for the 'Army Mens', then some of these were quite the 'let down' since they were of the FLATs kinds, and I HATED those! To myself, then what was the enitire 'point' for this? To 'save' on the plastic or metal when casting them? Talk about being CHEAP! ''oh NO! I don't WANT 'realistic' appearing Troops! just a '2'-D rendition is fine enough!''~NOT! I like the 'heft' & depth of my 'guys' when presenting these upon the ''Battlefields''.

Monday, September 05, 2005

MNF~College game day!

Well, I was surprised as much as anyone else to be able to watch a College game instead of the 'Pros'! It was a pretty close game and NOT the usual ''blow out'' as some of these can become. This was between Miami & FSU with the 'Seminoles' managing to hold on and WIN for the first time in like '6'-years in a row! Anyhow, this 'aircraft' was a proposal by the Germans of 'WW-2' for ''high altitude'' considerations. It was never beyond the 'planning stage' and this is just an artist's rendition for some means of 'seeing' that. Looks eerily 'familiar' in some regards eh? There are plenty of other prime examples of the sheer ingenuity that was going on at the time and hopefully, you'll be able to see these somewhere or another.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday is certainly the ''Day of Rest'' for myself

Yes, I'm taking the day off from the 'moving' of stuff as they need to pack up lots more of that! I had mentioned in a previous 'post' about a smaller proposed German Aircraft Carrier based upon a hull of a ''Pocket Battleship'' and here you go! This isn't an actually available 'kit', but someone's carefully crafted and homemade model of what that would've looked like. This one is being called the ''Seydlitz'' in case anyone is interested, while there are several other possible 'names' for any others that could have been completed~in their 'dreams'! For considerations in any game's settings, then this kind would have around HALF the normal complement of a full sized or 'Fleet' Carrier.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday is FINALLY over!

Oh man! What a day, as I finished the heavy mass 'stuff' over at my friend's Moms place! It has left me thoroughly sore all over as a result, so you can imagine my 'feelings' on sitting down and actually typing this up! Well, in conjunction with ole ''Joe Steadman's'' request, then I'm providing some ''World War 2'' content here, but of an unique nature for this. The 'rail-bound' Armor Car is of Italian manufacture and the other is the Canadian ''Otter'' vehicle. There were even some of these that took a Gun & Turret directly off from an obsolete Tank of some sort, and then it became even MORE 'mobile' as a result.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor Day Weekend begins

As I get this going for the weekend, I have to put it on hold for the time being since I'm going to be quite busy helping a friend get his Moms moved into her new place. For your amusement, then I've presented one of the very first conceptions undertaken for this type of aircraft, and this was being developed during the opening days of WW-2! It had to be postponed when Germany invaded the 'Balkans' and ''Yugoslavia'' in particular. I'm just glad that someone is dredging these unusual types of 'designs' up and even producing model kits for them as well. This one alone is in a decent scale where detail could be even further enhanced by 'motorizing' of the kit depicted here.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday...has come around again

Yes, I'm "on it" for the time being, while I've already leaked this revised 'Order of Battle' for the 2nd or 3rd editions of ''the Russian Campaign'' game, to a few extremely fortunate fellow 'GEEKS', while the rest of YOU are able to see this NOW! This is a compilation of various authors over the years and from as far back as 1976! I figured that it would be great to take those concepts and put them ALL into an entirely appropriate looking & appearing ''Expanded'' Order of Battle Charts. For the time being, then you'll have to create your very own game counters of the ones shown as the EXTRAs, but I am seeing about making up those as well and I'll post them here once I'm done with these.