Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another 'unusual' kind

Just take a gander upon this closely, so that you'll notice right away that it is 'sporting' NOT a "machine-gun" fixed forward! They got quite 'ambitious' for this "half-track", with IT preceding the more 'modern' ones today. Compared to ALL of what the "Allies" had 'done' with their`n, then yep, this 'lil' "bugger" put them to SHAME! Just look `em UP for yourself, to see the many combinations that were derived from its 'humble' beginnings.What are also 'desired', are many others in MICRO scale, while of a more 'hard plastic OR resin' composition for their 'forms'. I don't care much for 'metals' sorts, since they're not as GOOD as what you can 'do' with others. While that damm 'soft plastic' is just almost as NOT 'desired'. How come WE, meaning whomever wished to be involved, don't go ahead and INFORM either the 'makers' of such, to do theirs as WE 'desired', or else WE will do 'that' ourselves instead?


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