Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day of THOR

Well, that's what they 'say' it is, so who's to complain or rectify this? Anyway, I've been mentioning & 'teasing' poor ole ''Joe Steadman'' about this VARIANT for the SPI/S&T ''Battle for Germany'' game, so now's the time to bring this forth! Here you go then Joe:

''Operation: Veritable'' by Robert Boyd:

This Scenario represents the ''Fall of Germany'' in the West. It starts on Game Turn #1 and ends on Game Turn #10. The set up follows the intial set up for the 'Historical Scenario'. The 'East Germans' and 'Soviet Units' are not used. Sequence of Play is as follows:

West German Replacement Phase:
West German Movement Phase:
West German Combat Phase:

W. Allied Rep. Phase:
W. Allied Move. Phase:
W. Allied Combat Phase:

The 'Replacements' are unchanged. All Rules are as per the 'Historical Scenario' with the exceptions noted herein:
ALL German Units that cross the 'Theatre Boundary' are considered Eliminated. If a German Unit is able to exit the map either in the South or the West, it's 'Attack Strength'-doubled-must be 'removed' from the W. Allied Troops, i.e.; if a German 6-6-8 exits the Western edge of the map, the W. Allied Player must remove '12'-strength points from his lines. The 'Strength Points' must be taken from the nearest stacks of units. ''Removed'' Units may NOT re-enter the map!

VICTORY: The W. Allies must either clear all lands West of the ''Elbe'' and North of ''Innsbruck'' of German Units, and have NO German Units South of the ''Po'', OR take ''Berlin'' by Turn #8. The Germans WIN if they prevent the W. Allied VICTORY conditions.

Another *Optional* VARIANT is as follows:
Should the Germans re-take ''Antwerp'', then ALL W. Allied Units LOSE '2'-movment points until ''Antwerp'' is re-taken.


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At 2:35 PM, Blogger GROGnads said...

Thanks Joe, and I hope that you'll be able to enjoy this little Variant sometime soon. I never understood WHY they hadn't provided this in the first place, as I truly liked the other aspects of the game as well. It was truly innovative when it first was produced, while I've never even seen the "Decision Games" version, although I'd like to check that out sometime if I could.


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