Friday, September 09, 2005

End of the Week and start of the Weekend

Friday is here some more and what to 'do'? Well, I'm taking a break and just getting into my 'game' of ''Diablo 2 + Expansion'' to get my 'guy' up to his NEXT 'level' in that, since he really needs the 'experiences'. I've got a ''Paladin'' fellow in this, while I've even had the ''Barbarian'', the ''Necromancer'', and even the ''Druid'' in this, while I refuse to 'be' one of the 'girls' for this! Now, I've been a FAN of the genre for this since it first was available for the 'P.C.', and I sometimes will even go back to the very first 'Game' of this. I even got to play the ''Hellfire'' add-on to that, of which I liked this and its different 'Quests' that were included. I especially liked that 'doubling' charm necklace for the PILES of 'gold' that you could make when wearing it. I even tried to amass 1-million GOLD at one time just for the 'halibut'! It was quite the sight to see these immense mounds of loot laying about while I went about my 'business' in making as much for this as I could. aaaaah, good times...


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