Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday September 23, 2005

Gaze upon these beauties and don't let your jaw drop down too low from astonishment! As some of you may be aware of this 'development', then it appears to become the latest for "Marine Deployment", using a combination of this vessel, the 'Assault Hovercraft', as well as the "Osprey" aircraft. The "box coverart" may just be that of an upcoming or already available '1/700th' scale model kit. You could expect to pay handsomely for THAT, if this is the 'case', from what I'm familiar about 'those'. Sure, I can understand how "inflation" might affect these makers of the 'kits', but REALLY!, do they 'need' to be so 'expensive'!?! Just HOW 'much' would you think that this would be available AS, you might 'ask'? Well, if prior sorts of the same kind are a good indicator, and this depends upon the manufacturer as well, then probably around over $30 or MORE! Oh yeah, I've seen others at this 'priceyness', and that alone deters 'moi' from giving them any further considerations as a result. Yes, I'm "frugal" or 'cheap', as some might exclaim, since I am also 'spoiled' with many a "bargain" that I can usually obtain somewhere. I might just have to explore many an online place for this, IF it is even possible to 'get' that from somewhere. I'm sure that it'll be very popular, what with their 'playing' upon people's "sentiments" with their proclamation upon that "box" appearance.


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