Monday, September 12, 2005

MNF of the 'Regular' Season Week 1

There was quite the 'Season Opener' for this tonight, as the Atlanta 'Falcons' managed to hold onto their 'lead', while also preventing the Philidelphia 'Eagles' from staging a late game 'comeback'! The ''Battle of the Birds'' came to a screeching conclusion in Atlanta's favor, as some considered THIS 'game' as the 'rematch' from last season's ''Playoff'' series!

Here we have the 'Austalian' designed Tank called the ''Sentinel'', and of which it didn't get to actually 'see' any Combat. By the time it was ready to roll off from the production lines, then they'd already received enough of the 'U.S.A.' vehicles to render this one unto the 'Training' services. I liked this 'camo' scheme as it looks like they were intending this for the 'Jungle' areas of actions that they were heavily involved in at the time.


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