Monday, September 05, 2005

MNF~College game day!

Well, I was surprised as much as anyone else to be able to watch a College game instead of the 'Pros'! It was a pretty close game and NOT the usual ''blow out'' as some of these can become. This was between Miami & FSU with the 'Seminoles' managing to hold on and WIN for the first time in like '6'-years in a row! Anyhow, this 'aircraft' was a proposal by the Germans of 'WW-2' for ''high altitude'' considerations. It was never beyond the 'planning stage' and this is just an artist's rendition for some means of 'seeing' that. Looks eerily 'familiar' in some regards eh? There are plenty of other prime examples of the sheer ingenuity that was going on at the time and hopefully, you'll be able to see these somewhere or another.


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