Wednesday, September 28, 2005

NEW Fortress America Expansion Pack #1 pieces

Don't be thinking that these are readily available, just yet, but they could become such with the right folks behind them ALL! I've been going at this from time to time, in order to concentrate upon whatever the "bits flavor" of the DAY happened to be at the moment. As for the NEW types of "Helos", then I was planning on either have actual 'rotors', like the ones upon the others, or something to give `em that "whirling" effect or 'look'. The largest of these may even become a "Heavy Lift" sort of kind, able to transport even a TANK or along that line.

Having 'discovered' that the 'bits' from the 'XENO' game of "Sushi-Jalapeno WAR", will suffice for many of what is needed in the "F.A.E.P.#1" GAME, then here's what they will comprise. The 'Infantry' is of a different 'pose' altogether, and hence shall become as "Paratroopers" , the "H-T" will be as an "Assault H-T", with the 'Mobile Unit' as the "Transport M-U", the 'Helo' is an "Assault Helo", and the 'Bomber' as the "Heavy Bomber". There is also a 'Partisan' that is different, so it could be as either an "Assault" type, or maybe something else? Oh yeah, and there's even some "NUKED 'Mushroom Clouds' bits", which for some are highly desired in other game settings.


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