Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday 16 September, 2005

I'm going about creating an 'Italian Army' for use mainly in the 'A&A'-Europe game and mine will feature THIS particular TANK! That happens to be the ''AP-40'' and was the last type that Italy produced in very little numbers of these. I expect to be able to create maybe '3' of those Armies in total, at the most, while creating the actual Naval & Air Force airplanes & actual SHIPS will be the FUN part. I've got some excellent referance material on which to base this so that's not a problem, so much as 'crafting' the others. There are '2' kinds of Airplanes that I wish to have, namely some Army & Navy types, and while others can obtain them at considerable COST, I'm going about this as cheaply as I can. For those that care to 'know' then I will be fashioning mine from the ones that are in the 'Milton Bradely' version while I've already gotten a few made up. I have '2' kinds of Troops, the 'regular' and an ELITE types, a Bomber-the Pi-108 (while I'd like some SM-79s), '2' Fighters a Re-2000~Army & Re-2001~Navy, and for Artillery, then I'm thinking about taking some of the Eagle Games kind and making them appear as close to Italian as possible. I do have some actual Destroyers of the GHQ sort for them while the Battleships & Aircraft Carriers will be hand-made as close as possible.


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