Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday aftermath

Whew! After spending like most of the night and morning with 'leveling up' in my ''Diablo 2'' game, I finally had to take a 'break' from THAT now!

Here are some metal-cast 'Fortifications' types for your viewing 'pleasure'. They are for use in ''Micro Armor'' settings, in case you're wondering. Some of them can become quite elaborate and will even have an seperate 'top' that can be removed for placing 'Troops' within those! Then there are others that are mostly for 'show' purposes since you are unable to physically put anything within those. Now, I tend to pick up stuff like this from wherever I can, and I even have gotten some 'resin' or 'plaster cast' kinds too. I like those best as they can then be 'altered' or modified for something else that I'd have in mind. Then there's some of my very OWN 'design' that I've created using whatever I happen to have lying about, or even that I've 'discovered' would look nicely for my MINIS gaming requirements.


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