Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday 18 September, 2005

Continuing on with another TOPIC a couple of weeks ago, but in keeping with this along the same 'lines', here's what else there is on that. This 'Hybrid' vessel would have had '23'-Aircraft, '12'-150mm Main Guns, '16'-105mm Guns, '14'-37mm Machine Guns, & '20'-20mm MGs for its armaments. At least unlike their allied AXIS companions over in JAPAN, this was intended from the beginning to 'be' this way, and NOT just taking another's hull and then 'fashioning' that in this manner. I would imagine that they intended on this design being of an 'Escort' type of vessel to accompany a 'Raiding' force of some sort. With several of these then they could have had one dedicated for Fighters and another with Dive Bombers or Torpedo aircraft, just to concentrate upon ONE type for ease of logistics. Then there's the chance that if one or the other were SUNK, it would leave them without the combination of which they'd have sought. That's the 'trade off' when you embark upon with such planning in mind, as you're just as better off with a 'Superior' ship in the first place. There were even some actual Aircraft Carriers that were going to be able to engage other opposing 'surface vessels' in Gunnery duels, and they are reflected in games such as ''Victory in the Pacific'' with them having 'Gun Factors', for those that'd like to check them out.


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