Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday September 8th

First off, a hearty "Happy Birthday Anniversary" celebration for Tom Vasel! Send him your well wishes and any 'Games' that you'd like HIM to "review" while you're at it. He's also into a 'card' game called "Overpower" so he'd appreciate any errant sets of that if you have them on hand and can send those over to him.

Now, as for this CHART here, then this is the 'Players Notes' for the ''IRON Brigade'' game from 'Martin & Millman', and of which it is NOT 'available' along with its 'entry' at certain other sites. You can 'click' upon this several times to bring it up to full size and then read it much better. There's some good reading here for those that are interested in that and they might even have 'missed' this if they just looked upon that as something else about the 'description' on the back of the 'ad-sheet', instead of for what it was intended.


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