Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday postponement of ''the Game''

Yep, this is on hold for the moment as a familial concern is delaying this for the time being. Boy, that 'Sub' sure looks great doesn't it? Now, I wonder if ANYONE had ever plunked down the money for this and obtained one of them. As for the 'Army Mens', then some of these were quite the 'let down' since they were of the FLATs kinds, and I HATED those! To myself, then what was the enitire 'point' for this? To 'save' on the plastic or metal when casting them? Talk about being CHEAP! ''oh NO! I don't WANT 'realistic' appearing Troops! just a '2'-D rendition is fine enough!''~NOT! I like the 'heft' & depth of my 'guys' when presenting these upon the ''Battlefields''.


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