Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday September 20, 2005

Since I'm awaiting my opponent to create his set up 'map' for our upcoming ''Fortress America'' game, then I will bring up other similiar material on this. I felt, as many others did as well, that there should be a method in which the INVADERS could provide some 'safety' from the Laser attack, so that's why I provided the ''Thor's Hammer'' counter for that. The RADAR piece has yet to have a purpose devised for it but I'm sure someone will think of something. I've got to get busy and make up some of them inverted winged airplanes just to see how they'd look once completed. Then there's some CARDS of which I'd like to have additional 'Forces' created for use once they're drawn for play. One of these, is the ''Desert Scorpions'' CARD, of which some actual 'pieces' could be made up and then become introduced upon the gameboard. I've even got some ''Army Dunebuggies'' for consideration on the matter and I'll be working upon the details for them in the meantime.


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