Sunday, September 25, 2005

UPDATE upon the "Italians"

As I had initially 'planned' upon creating a rather extensive 'collection' of NEW pieces for just 'their' uses, then I have scaled this back a tad. The total amount will probably include at least '3'-Battleships, '1'-Aircraft Carrier, '10'-Fighters('2' of which are "Naval" types for the "Carrier"), '3'-Bombers, '5'-Destroyers,' 6'-SUBs, '6'-Transports, '10'-Artillery, '8'-Armor, '25'-Infantry~ EACH of '2'-types("Regular" & "Improved"). These will be of a "light GRAY" color, in keeping with the 'XENO' kinds, that many are using for their 'own'. You could even use those "Battleships" of theirs, for "Battlecruisers" now, as I plan on doing just that myself. The photo accompanying 'this', displays just which particular "vessel" I have been basing my "Battlship" 'designs' upon and as near as can be accomplished, as it is rather easy to 'create', in regards to this 'project'. The "Aircaft Carrier" is going to closely approximate that of the "Aquila" class, that they were trying to see about launching. There's an even 'wilder looking' one of these "A.C.", and I might be tempted to "do it" just for the FUN of that. The "A.C." is taking the longest to 'make' of them ALL, what with its distinctive 'features', and so it is WHY I don't wish to have too many, due to that 'factor' alone.


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