Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday September 7th, 2005

I'm listening to ''the Dice Tower #15'' as I'm writing this up. Those 'guys' and their antics can sure make the listening 'experience' one to enjoy!

So, I present here the '2' covers of the SAME game, for which ole ''Lou Zocchi'' was responsible for. He lost the 'Battle for the RIGHTs' to such once the ''big guns'' were brought in for this, while a few folks even consider 'his' as a very desireable ''collectible'' item now. Way to 'go' then ''Lou''! I admire the guy for his ability to perservere despite being 'aced out' on this while at least he's got his many accomplishments to his 'credit' as well. Lots of folks are NOT probably even aware of this as it stands, but if I 'mentioned' some of the titles that HE has 'done', then they'll recollect if they are able to.


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